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Be open to your dreams, 

dare to imagine your life’s

deepest meaning, 

hope for

a better tomorrow -

it is within your reach.

I look forward to the

opportunity to work with you.

Sad, lonely, fearful, stressed? 

Facing life transitions, career challenges, marriage, relationship and/or family problems, self-identity or self-esteem challenges?

Even when facing difficult circumstances, we all have the potential to be happier and increase our confidence, optimism, joy, efficacy and overall well-being. We all deserve to thrive in our lives, not merely survive.

Participating in therapy is a collaborative process which involves making time and space to understand and improve the quality of your life. It can be helpful at all stages of life.

Together we will explore the aspects of your life which may be helping or hindering you from achieving your dreams. 

Through an encouraging, collaborative approach, I provide a safe environment in which to make the journey to self discovery and fulfillment. 

Services Provided

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Marriage Counseling: A compassionate approach to help strengthen feelings of safety, to promote sharing and listening, and enhance communication and connection.

Parenting Issues: A relational approach to improve the quality of the parent/child relationship.

Family Therapy: An emotion-focused systemic approach to help families maximize their relationships and functioning.

Group Therapy: Join with others to support one another and learn about yourself.

Adult Psychotherapy: A supportive, empathic process to promote happiness, deepen the meaning of life, help one face life’s challenges, and develop the resources to thrive.

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